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Camp 2020

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Fill in your registration information on this page. If you are registering additional people, you will be able to enter their registration information after you complete this page and click "Continue".
Parent/Carer Information

For persons under 18 this is required information.  If the attendee is over 18 then this section may be left blank.

Total Fee(s) for this participant
Attendee Information

Please provide the following information for each young person being booked.

Some activities are offsite and it may be useful for us to be able to contact young people or for them to contact us.
Medical Details
Any regular medication and any current short term medication
The medical profession takes the view that the parent’s/carer’s consent to medical treatment cannot be delegated. This view is explicit in The Children’s Act 1989. Thus, medical consent forms have no legal status and a doctor or nurse insisting on the consent of a parent/carer to a particular treatment has the right to do so.
Any food individual is allergic to or special dietry requirements eg vegetarian, low-fat etc
Enter any first aid box items not to be used or anything else that we may need to know.
Permissions & Consent
I hereby agree to my child participating in the event and activities and agree to pay the required fees if applicable. I understand that Under the General Data Protection Regulations and Integrate Youth for Christ data retention policies: The information on the ‘Medical Form’ will be retained during the event and destroyed 30 days after the event. The ‘Consent Form’ will be placed on record. If at any time you wish for your child’s photo to be deleted from the photo library, please contact Integrate Youth for Christ stating the event and date that the photographs were taken. Where required other organisations partnering in an event will retain the Medical Details for the duration of the event and for up to 30 days beyond. (For more information about our privacy policy please visit
I give permission for my child/ward to take part in adventure activities such as night activities, boating, wide games, swimming, etc. and confirm they are fit to participate, and have disclosed any medical condition/relevant information which could affect participation in the event or activity, or which might require specific assistance.
I give permission for Integrate Youth for Christ to use photographs and/or videos of my child/ward on the understanding that such images will only be used for Integrate Youth for Christ related activities, publications & publicity, including web pages.  
I give permission for my child/ward to be transported by leaders to take part in activities.